Monday, April 30, 2012


Monday mornings are my favorite.
 Deak began this year this school year, slowly picking up each foot and cautiously tip-toeing to his bus.
You should see him now.

This morning, I had to swiftly move in order to catch up with his running feet as he booked it towards the road, to the place where we wait for the bus together.

Dare I forget, he has come so far.

I was recently asked what I've learned the most from having been given this gift of Ring 18 in my life.  Sparing you the wordy details (I'll save that for the article), I've learned to hope.
Hope, to me, is not ideological and unrealistic is trusting that through each step of this journey I have with my son, as hard as they are at times, there is purpose in his story and power to be found within.  Simply put, it is going to bed understanding that tomorrow I will do it again, and we will be okay.
The run is two weeks away.  Register now to ensure t-shirt sizing and lower pricing. Registration goes up to $35 on the morning of the race.  My little human marketing machine is wearing his 2011 shirt today in an attempt to muster up some more runners. 

I'm pretty sure he will, if you can catch him.

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  1. I love, love, LOVE this post! I so hope that will be Em one day too.... running to the bus to get to school :)